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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Recent Home Buys I'm Loving

Since I moved in three months ago, I've had to buy a bunch of stuff — and will continue to do so. So, I thought I'd round up some of my absolute favorite buys. If you have any recs that I need in my one bedroom, lemme know!

Shoe Tray: If you don't know, it rains a lot in Charlotte (I LOVE IT) but that also means my shoes are always a mess. And, I'm trying to become the person that doesn't wear outside shoes inside...still not fully good at it though. So, I bought this shoe tray and I genuienly like it. I keep three pairs up front — my wellies, sneakers and a pair of sandals. I have yet to have an issue with it and I can just hose it out when it gets too dirty.

Blender: I had a $12 blender from Walmart back in Denver and it served its purpose...but it wasn't great. I was big into smoothies before the pandemic and would make them on the mornings when my roommate wasn't home (blenders are notoriously loud ha!) so I knew when I moved I wanted to use smoothies as a vehicle to eat three cups of greens a day. And here we are! I cannot speak more highly of spending the $70 on the Ninja, it's so worth it. Smoothies, ice-y cocktails and soups will come out so smooth.

Mixing Bowls: I found these at Costco after a very bad day and thought, why not? I really like them because you can use them for baking/cooking but also for storage because of those plastic lids. And because they have a design element to them, they work well for taking food to a party too.

Comforter: I wasn't sure if I would like this because I was worried it would be childish? But it isn't, in my opinion. And I love it. It's like an elevated comforter — almost duvet like without having to deal with the dumb duvet cover. I hate duvets...if that's not coming across. I have light blue floral sheets and this goes super well with them. Plus, it has that coastal grandmother feel.

Plastic Tray: You're probably thinking, why? But, hear me out. They are the perfect thing to have around. I use them in my bathroom and kitchen cabinets as a place to put chemicals/liquids so that if one of them leaks it doesn't damage the cabinetry. And, I have one of those couches where you can expand it out into a bed style so having a plastic tray on the couch to put drinks/food/a candle is nice to have.

Standing Desk: Since the pandemic happened in the same apartment I moved into back in 2018 while I was in Denver I didn't have the correct work space to work from home permanently. I knew when I moved I wanted to have a dedicated space and I was determined to get a standing desk. This one fits my two monitors and laptop, raises and lowers with ease and I really like the finish of the table top. It's super solid and great in general to have.

Weighted Stuffed Animal: So this was not something I set out to purchase but I visited Marcus in Austin a few weeks ago and he had this weighted dinosaur. And I fell in love. My weighted blanket gets thrown off my body when I sleep...I know, I don't understand how I'm that violent of a sleeper either. But I have "Gus" (of course I named him) on my couch and I put him on my chest when I watch or in my lap when I work and he's so comforting. As a person with anxiety, this thing really helps!

Front Door Safety Lock: I saw these all over TikTok and my dad also insisted upon the purchase of this bad boy. And it's great, super easy to use. I keep it on whenever I'm home for added safety and make sure I put it on every night before I go to bed. You put it up against the lock and then give it a good kick to lock it into place.

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