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Friday, November 26, 2021

Under $60 Gift Guide

Back, yet again, with a gift guide! These range from $59–$40, so we're slowly getting more affordable. These are some of my favorite items and you'll see why as your scroll. As always, my guides consist of more sustainable items and then items that are readily available as everyone's situation is different. 
Hanging Basket, Apron, "Cooking in Marfa," Navy Henley, Blue Clutch, "Woman Made," Art, Plaid Scarf, Stripe Tote Bag, Recycled Glass, Painted Serving Dish, Colorful Earrings, Yellow Pot, Beanie, Swan Pot, Silver Boots, Gold Half Moon Earrings, Tassel Necklace, Purple Candle, Pink Tassel Earrings, Under Eye Strips

Some Highlights:

I'm obsessed with the Swan Pot! Like how cute would that look on your coffee table or in your kitchen??

This Plaid Scarf reminds me of the infamous Taylor Swift/J*k* G*ll***** scarf.

I've been desperate to get my hands on these Under Eye Strips! They looks so cute and I've heard great things.

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