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Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday Links

Happy Monday & welcome back. We've had some issues with Haute Table...in case you couldn't tell! But we're working on it and in a few months time you won't even realize things have changed.

Ok, v into Target's latest designer collabs.

Vanilla chai pumpkin cream cold brew? Sign me up!

Every book you should read this fall and then all the things you should clean after.

I realize the Met Gala was a while ago now but here are 29 people that actually got the theme. Also, these photos behind-the-scenes at the gala are so cool.

I'm cackling at Colin Nissan's take on fall's decorations.

Mesa Verde National Park is my favorite in Colorado & I'm excited it's getting its due.

Moving to the South as a Black person — I thought this was such an interesting take.

Denver people: Very excited for this fashion donation to the Denver Art Museum. Can't wait to try this new bbq restaurant!

50 literary cameos in early 2000s movies
— I forgot about these! 

16 Disney+ movies to watch this fall...I honestly think Twitches is my favorite.

Y'all ready for the new season of Stranger Things?

Feeling desperate to go to western North Carolina during fall.

Maybe forest green should be my color of fall.

On visiting a book store in real life and the joy it brings.

The fall items at Trader Joe's are back! What is your favorite?

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