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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Summer 2021 To Do List Update

 Welcome to the list update! Going to be doing this to keep myself on track — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Newly Completed/Partially Completed:

Make popsicles — I made watermelon rose pops that are delightful! 
Go to a fair — Went to Cheyenne Frontier Days yesterday and had all the goodies! 

Splash in a pool — I've now done this a few times both at my apartment pool and at The Broadmoor.
Go on three day-trip roadtrips I've done two! Last Chance and I took myself up to the Pawnee Buttes (that guide should be coming soon). 
Try all the farmers markets Making my way through 'em. I've done twelve, just 18 left! 

Taste-test all the ice cream parlors — I think I have like 10 left in the Denver area. 
Better your frozen drink game — I've got supplies and I'm ready!

Read some beach reads — Just finished "The Great Mistake" now moving onto T"ender at the Bone."

Already Completed:

Try on a nap dress 
Find a "Beer of the Summer" 
See a traveling exhibit 

Up Next:

Go on a girls trip — Headed up to Grand Lake with the gals this weekend!
Drink rose & read an entire book outside — Planning a Saturday in August to do this.
Visit a new park — I need to go to City Park for their farmers market & then I'll walk around it.

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