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Friday, October 2, 2020

Links From Around the Web

These popsicles look amazing.

Very excited to watch this film for Halloween!

Paris bakeries to remember when we can travel again.

Airbnbs in Ireland & the UK that just look amaze.

Need a dose of cuteness? The baby panda at the National Zoo brings me so much joy.

10/10 recommend this Paris Hilton documentary.

What are your favorite leggings?

The final season of Schitt's Creek is coming to Netflix!

Very excited to see the Rothko Chapel reimagined.

Fall decor from Etsy that you need.

Learn about the murder of indigenous women.

I am desperate to try Aldi's wine advent calendar this year!

I'm volunteering to write postcards here (I bought these) and letters here

Have y'all watched the Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read?

Carly's wedding was beautiful.

Find where to bulk grocery shop in your state.

If you haven't already purchased some vote merch, here's more! And some for Biden.

16 books to read this fall.

This is a fall dream scene.

Coffee table-book round-up of my dreams.

Do y'all remember the first time you voted?

Might have to make these pancakes sometime soon...if I can find pumpkin.

Live in LA? These ice cream shops seem amazing.

How many fall items have you tried from Trader Joe's thus far?

Adding all of these to my must-watch list right now.

These shots crack me up because they are so true.

If you want to know how your friends have voted, there's an app for that.

Ugh, the south of France is my ideal holiday.

2005 Pride & Prejudice is one of the best movies ever created.

These two are just adorable.

Famous authors share their reading spots.

Did y'all see Schitt's Creek swept the Emmys?

This jacket looks so cozy.

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