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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Two Week Re-Cap

After a crazy snow storm before Thanksgiving, Union Station looked so pretty!
Happy week re-cap! Because of last week's holiday drink posts we didn't have a re-cap and now I have far too many photos but, oh well, y'all can scroll through them and drool at all the food, because that's mainly what this re-cap is. In it I go to Austin for Thanksgiving and then come back to get in the holiday spirit in Denver. Hope y'all enjoy — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Tried Mercantile and it was so good! 

Their fried chicken bahn-mi is delightful! 

First stop in Ausitn was Matt's El Rancho.

Fam Bam on a Thanksgiving walk through campus.

A cute flower wall near campus.

Thanksgiving dinner at Threadgill's.

Our Thanksgiving tradition, seeing Dale Watson at the Continental Club.

Gameday breakfast at Texas French Bread.

The game was fun but gross.

Austin got a Jeni's Ice Cream and I'm obsessed.

Made a stop at BookPeople.

And my favorite store in Austin — Make it Sweet.

Austen in Austin at the Harry Ransom Center.

Finally went to the Pinthouse Pizza in north Austin.

A morning walk downtown.

Forced my parents to go to the Glossier pop-up and I loved it.

A very cute brewery in downtown Austin.

Had the Lady Bird at Circle Brewing.

Finally made it out to Texas Beer Co. because I love the logo so much.

Tried the new and improved Swedish Hill and loved it.

Look at that chicken!!!

Sunday night at Mozart's Light Show.

Our volleyball team won the Big 12 Championship.

We made holiday cards at work last week. 

And a pasty truck came, and they were delightful.

Really happy with my bow wall. 

Took myself to dinner at Dos Santos last week.

Grabbed a chai from one of my favorite coffee shops, Link.

One of my favorite authors just published a new book.

Obsessed with my 2019 wrapped.

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