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Monday, December 30, 2019

Resolutions in Review

I'm the type of person that makes New Years resolutions but then kind of forgets about them. That's why I like doing this post — it makes me really think on what I've accomplished in the last year. 
I started this post in early November, because I was working on my editorial calendar and thought why not? And I realized how proud of myself I was. Like, I think I pretty much killed it on all of my goals (as you'll see below) and this might be the first time ever that I've done so. I think there's one goal I could have worked on more and I might carry it into 2020 — you'll have to stay tuned for January 1st, 2020 to see what my new goals are — but as a whole it's looking good. Do y'all look over your resolutions? How do you think you did? 
Take Better Care of Myself
Mainly this was about #selfcare, because I suck at it. Like, I am truly the worst about washing my face, moisturizing, taking time for myself, etc. But you know what?! I DID IT. I actually have a day and night moisturizer, plus, I've started using a facial cleanser. And I'm super good about using it. Like I am so effing proud of the leaps and bounds I've made with this goal. I want to continue it into 2020 and maybe start using another skincare item, keep gradually adding until I'm so used to it I don't even forget or question it anymore. In regards to taking more time for myself, I think I did a fairly good job. I struggle to say no to things or not book myself out a lot but I try to give myself at least one day a week where I don't have evening plans and I go to bed early — I certainly go to bed way earlier than I did in college and I think that's an accomplishment. 
Be More Vulnerable
Okay, full disclosure: totally a work in progress. In fact, one of my big goals for the first week of 2020 is to find a therapist and book an appointment. I always preach therapy to people — because I truly do believe in its healing properties, but I haven't been to a therapist since I was a kid. And I think talking to a professional about why I suppress my emotions/struggle with vulnerability is a good idea. But I do think I've improved. While the best friend still hasn't seen me cry in person, I finally let myself show her my true emotions about some situations I've been in. And I feel more comfortable crying in front of people and telling them how I truly feel. Plus, I'm back in a kind of thing with someone and I'm really trying to work on sharing how I feel with them. It's so hard, but we'll keep trying.
Be a Better Feminist
Yes, check this off the list. I had already joined AAUW in 2018, but now I'm the Communications Director (and super involved with public policy). I joined the League of Women Voters, which I love! And I'm on the committee for SafeHouse's (the domestic violence shelter in Denver) Sampling for Hope event. Plus, I've been active in my friend groups, on social media and elsewhere to get people to understand how women — especially women of color — struggle for equality. I'm super excited to participate in my second Denver Womxn's March in 2020! 
Read + Watch More
I would say this one is also a checked box. I certainly made myself read more non-fiction, watched more documentaries/foreign films and just tried to read more in general. Obviously I want to continue these habits in 2020 because you can never read or watch too much in my opinion! 
I've definitely explored Denver a ton more — both in restaurants and in attractions. I've pretty much crossed the Denver attractions I wanted to see off my list (only a few more left). The Colorado stuff, not so much. But my family is planning an epic Colorado road trip in May 2020 so we'll be seeing pretty much everything there is to see. Also, I've come up with a Instagram/book idea that will lead me to explore some parts of Denver that people never really experience, so I'm really interested to see how all of that goes. 

2019 has been a really interesting year for me. It has had a lot of ups and downs, some weird middle bits and a lot of what feels like a holding pattern. But at the same time, I wouldn't change it for anything. I've grown so much in the last year in the adulting aspect, in the relationships aspect and in my career aspect. But I am excited for 2020, it's a new decade after all — xoxo darling, Hayden.

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