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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Week Re-Cap

We're back on our regularly scheduled week re-cap day! This past week had its true ups and downs. Wednesday was a blast, my roomie and I finally visited Casa Bonita (a local, insane version of Rainforest Cafe complete with cliff divers and endless sopapillas). Thursday was rough, the guy I had been seeing and I broke it off after four months and while it was necessary it was still pretty difficult. This was my first semi-serious relationship in a very long while so it has been more of a challenge to get over than I thought. But I know it was for the best and I'm starting to get back in the groove of things. But what helped me the most after that not-so-great V-Day was Friday night. I invited my five Denver friends over for food, relaxing and Love Island. And it was, everything.
Recently I've been having these nights with girlfriends that make my whole week better. We just laugh and there's no pressure from outside organizations or schoolwork. We are truly just friends getting together, eating good food and drinking. It's something I've always wanted and I feel like I finally have. So shout-out to all of them because they are each unique, amazing, wonderful people that I am so thrilled to call my best friends in this city.
Saturday and Sunday were all about relaxation, I watched way too many AD videos about celebrity homes and started a series called Yummy Mummys and finished a show called Dating Around. It was restorative and good for the soul. This week has been a lot of writing, dealing with snow and just #adulting things but I'm excited for the weekend, I've got a few things planned and I'm sure they'll be fun. 
What have you been up to? - xoxo darling, Hayden

My parents sweetly ordered a cookie cake for me.

And sent me a box full of goodies.

Birthday dinner at Casa Bonita.

Some sips at WestFax Brewing.

Delicious gelato I picked up after doing a little shopping in Belmar.

The spread for Friday's party complete with: spinach artichoke dip, a Momofuku inspired cake, cheese spiral wheel thing, BBQ chips, salsa, tortilla chips and cookie cake.

I also made cotton candy-champagne drinks that everyone loved! 

She is beauty, she is grace.

Love them!

The Inventing Room did a donut pop-up on Saturday so I had to go get the unicorn and it was even better than it looked.

Sunday brunch at Jelly U near the University of Denver.

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