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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oxford Exchange

So I am an avid reader of The College Prepster and she grew up in Tampa, Florida {very close to where I grew up} & she visits her family during holidays. One time I saw her post on the Oxford Exchange and I fell in love. Recently one of my amazing friends from college, Lauryn came into town & I decided it was time to hunt down the hipster/basic girl heaven. AND LET ME TELL YOU...it was a magical experience, check it out-xoxo darling, Hayden.

We came in the back side {or maybe it was the front side, I am really not sure}. When you walk in there is a book store with an amazing floor {see below}. Every single book in there looked fascinating to me, especially the fashion books.
The "Nose" book is about Hermes! 

Then you proceed to walk down a hallway {restroom on the right} but make sure to look up because the ceiling is amazing!

Look at how adorable this card is:

You come into a section with tables, a coffee counter, a tea counter, a terrace, then another part of the store that has baubles and accessories for your home as well as the main restaurant. They even had Emily's new book!

They have some tables upstairs but I fell in love with their wall of portraits. So many of them are my favorites! 

Of course we had to grab some coffee, buy something, and play chess.

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