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Thursday, October 24, 2013

How To: Be The Perfect Big in Five Steps

This year in SGA it was decided to do bigs and littles. Some of you might know the process from sororities and fraternities. Essentially, my little does not know who I am, until we do the big/little reveal, but I leave little gifts and hints for her.
I love giving gifts and making people happy, so being a big is one of my favorite things ever. So below are my tips to bring a big.

1. Actually give them cards, with real messages. I make all of mine on InDesign and it really counts. My little loves the fact I leave her cute messages along with gifts.

2. Food: It is the perfect gift.

3. Find out what their favorite things are so you aren't giving them lame items.

4. Try to find things in common with your Little, that way once you do the big/little reveal you will have stuff to talk about.

5. Make them important, the more you care about them, the better you'll make them feel.

Here are my gifts to my Little:

Gift No. 1:

A cute card

& an iPhone with chocolates!

Gift No. 2:

A cute card, sunglasses,

a tiny panda, 

& Smart Pop with chocolate covered almonds!

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