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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All Time Favorite Movies

A few of my college applications have asked me for my favorite films, literally one says "Best Movie of All Time: _________." I am not a film buff, but I love movies, old ones, new ones, anything. So here is a list of some of my all time favorites:

 Because who doesn't love a princess story? Especially one involving Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. I cry every time because I want them to ride off into the sunset on that moped. But the clothing is amazing and the scenery is beautiful, so it is a must see.
Carl Spackler...maybe my favorite character of all time. No, I love them all. This movie makes my sides hurt every time and it makes me want to work at a country club (no lie). The gopher probably makes the movie and I've always wanted to buy a dancing gopher off of e-bay.
I'm a huge Katherine Hepburn fan, and when you add Cary Grant to the screen I might just cry. Bringing Up Baby makes me laugh every time and I seriously want to steal Hepburn's closet. Oh and did I mention there is a leopard?
 An 80s classic, Ferris Bueller's Day Off is something everyone wishes they could do...especially IB students. The way he engineers his escape fascinates me. And when they keep calling his name in class, I die. Also, I love the Dirty Dancing sister and Charlie Sheen scene.
 Who doesn't love fashion, Paris, and dancing? If you don't you probably shouldn't be reading this blog. I adore this movie, every aspect about it.
I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan and I will watch this movie any time it comes on. I love the characters, the clothes, the scenery, the script, EVERYTHING!
 I am a total francophile, and this movie personifies my dream, owning an amazing villa in the south of France. I love Peter Mayle books and this movie is just so perfect.
Sex. Clothes. Popularity. Whatever. This movie revolutionized the way teenage girls thought. Those plaid mini's with knee highs became so popular and having cell phones and our obsession with Paul Rudd all came from this one film.
But my all time favorite movie is this fabulous one. I love Hitchcock and I love Grant & Kelly. The clothes, the French Riviera, the suspense, the Carnival party, every aspect of this movie is amazing. 

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