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Friday, April 12, 2013

Pinterest Love

Prom is tomorrow! I am so excited! I will be taking tons of pictures of our amazing decorations--thank god for Gatsby! Anyway, below I have compiled my essential party planning Pinterest board for this prom. There are book covers from TGG, photos from Midnight in Paris, pretty much anything flapper I could come up with. Have a Flapper Friday!

The windows at Bergdorf Goodman

Window at BG

Window at BG

So colorful and an amazing idea! 

Window at BG

My FAVORITE window at BG

Love the chairs!

How magical and over the top!

Art deco at it's finest!

Beautiful walls

Dangling balloons

Movie poster

Love the fonts

From Midnight in Paris--about Zelda


I hate wedding boards but I love the card idea!

What a great poster

Love the font

Book covers :)

The original 


I would love to live my life like this.

How beautiful

Because it can get confusing...

Love the centerpieces

From the movie trailer

Oh they are so pretty.

The most amazing movie poster ever.

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