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Monday, February 20, 2023

Monday Links

Happy Monday!

23 Black history heroes you've probably never heard of and 25 people making history in Charlotte today.

As a person who loves the preppy aesthetic, this new trend fascinates me.

Kinda want to do a make-your-own-lip-stick class!

Ruth Reichl is one of my all-time favorite writers so I am thrilled to watch her documentary.

The best candy around the state of North Carolina.

Love this cottage in the Cotswolds and here's how someone tried slow-living in a Welsh cottage.

38 restaurants coming to Charlotte and where to get lunch!

Historic hotels to visit — I haven't been to any of these so I need to catch up.

Almost all A's on Grace's reading list for January and now I have a bunch of stuff to add to my TBR.

How to build a proper gallery wall.

18 Black history documentaries to watch — adding a bunch to my list.

Scenic European railways? Sign me up.

Eating alone was one of my goals in like 2019 and now I do it happily.

This historic Upper West Side apartment is crazy.

Have you watched any of these this month?

Black public artworks to see in the Queen City and how to celebrate the remainder of Black History Month in the area, plus learn about Green Book sites in the city.

Since I lived in Littleton, Colorado I feel like I have to visit Littleton, North Carolina.

43 Black-owned businesses to check out and 27 more.

Going to have to check out JD's Smokehouse.

The Latta Plantation is going to be reimagined — as it should be.

67 most anticipated books coming out in 2023.

The Charlotte Jewish Film Festival is still going on!

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