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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week Re-Cap

I finally got to study in the Law Library {after getting lost & being embarrassed}!
 It was perfect, and I did well on my Media Law test so s/o to that library! 

 We had a profit share at Korean Komfort Foodtruck & it was delicious! 

Grabbed some Red Mango with Sophie.

Hannah, Julia, & I went to Food Heads for the first time & I loved it! 

I attended "Cookies and Conversations" with 
President Fenves in the Main Building.

My door is trying to be stylish {via}.

I was able to see Ruth Reichl at the Paramount & it was AMAZING. 

After Ruth, Hannah & I went to Holla Mode {finally} and LOVED it. 

My dad visited this past weekend & we had a 
wonderful time at the baseball games! 

We also went to Kreuz Market which was delicious, they don't have sauce or forks though...

The courthouse in downtown San Marcos. 

The view from the Student Activities Center 
at Texas State. 

Brunch at Manuel's in downtown Ausitn.

Our semi-annual Ladybird Brunch was a success! 

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