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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Week Re-Cap

School is finally over {see here} and now we are on to better things! This weekend was amazing, two formals, a thrilling football game, spending it with my best friend, and lots of baking! I even vlogged about i! Check it all about below & let me know what you did-xoxo darling, Hayden.

Comm Council awarded me the Atlas Award 
for handing stress with a smile.

It was Hannah's birthday on Friday so I made her an ombre cake! 
She loved it!

Hannah got a few sweets for her birthday...

Story time: On Thanksgiving, when we lost to Tech, I texted Hannah and asked her if she would be willing to go to our final football game versus Baylor in Waco. I told her that for some reason I had a good feeling about it. We bought our tickets, joked about how bad we would lose and then went on the trip. We ended up having one of the best experiences either of us has ever had at a football game. We got up super early, got great parking, had pretty fabulous seats on the berm and watched our 4-6 team beat Baylor to end the season 5-7. There was even a huge fight {not that I condone violence}! I vlogged this weekend so that should be coming somewhat soon! 

We had our Ladybirds Formal on Saturday {post coming soon}! 

Commies formal

Check out the vlog!

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