Monday, November 11, 2013

Ten Tips for the First Date

By Rianna Wasson

Here are my top ten tips for first dates!

  • Make sure your outfit fits the date
  • Do not show it if you're nervous
  • Order something that requires a fork if you are going to a restaurant (trust me!)
  • Do not use your phone-unless you are in the bathroom
  • Do not laugh too much - but do not be so nervous you do not laugh at all
  • Ask about your date; do not talk too much about yourself
  • When the guy pays do not say: "You don't have to!" Say "Thank you!" (genuinely) 
  • If the date is going terribly and you want to go home without seeming rude, say you are getting tired and you had a great time
  • Do not chew gum; have mints
  • If you want to kiss him, do - if you don't, don't -- not that hard.

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